Automotive industry

Automotive industry


Translation of technical documentation into Russian or Kazakh is required in the automotive industry. Automobiles are produced mainly abroad, and the documents are primarily written in English. Products of Russian manufacturers also require localization in Kazakhstan.

We translate texts with the guarantee of complete coincidence of information within the meaning. We do not make even minor mistakes, that distinguishes us favorably from Chinese translators and language robots. The services of the iText Translation Agency comply with ISO 17100: 2015 standard.

What do customers order?

• Product passports, certificates of conformity, instructions for car owners, and drivers.

• Promotional brochures, manuals for dealers selling cars in the local market.

• Descriptions of equipment, drawings for engineers, designers, and developers.

• Reference literature on the repair and maintenance of vehicles.

Our experts accurately select professional terms, taking into account the jargon that has developed among designers, mechanics, and sellers of automotive equipment. Depending on reader orientation, the same concepts sometimes differ. The main thing for us is that the customer has no problems with reading and understood everything correctly.


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