The computer industry needs localization of games for local users. For residents of Kazakhstan, the originals, usually in English, are translated into Kazakh and Russian. We provide services of this kind at a fixed rate or as usual.

What is desirable to translate in the game genre?

Gamers like programs that are entirely understandable without knowledge of English. Therefore, it is necessary to completely localize the text information that is visible to a person on the screen. In particular:

• main user interface;
• drop-down menus (sometimes customers forget);
• help system and various explanations;
• text descriptions, which tells how to play.

Each game is explicitly framed, it is impossible to list the features of particular software. Our translation agency uses specialized software that helps us localize games.

After completing the translation of the game, we also carry out a full check to find the areas missed by the customer. The customer should carefully approach the formulation of the task. If there are omissions, you can place an additional order at any time, and quickly get the result.

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