Political texts require special attention because influential people read them, and the results of the translation are included in critical intergovernmental agreements. We carry out top-level policy translations related to public administration. You can rely on the absolute correctness of terms and formulations. We use economic and political concepts, which are familiar to narrow specialists.

If you want to order regularly, say, political news feeds, we have special prices for regular partners.

How do translators work?

In the case of a small number of materials, it is possible to issue an urgent order. The specialists of the translation agency work around the clock, and even extensive documents are processed as soon as possible.

Our translation agency takes part in the projects of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries (TURKPA) to translate various documents from English into Kazakh and Russian, which are used at the highest level.

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iText Translation Agency is not only professional translators but also clients, without which we could never develop our skills, improve our knowledge and reach new heights in the translation industry.