What language is widely-distributed in the world? You will answer - English, and, of course, you will be right.

This language is a mother tongue for half a million people. Have you ever wondered how many people in the world speak this language? About 1 billion people use English, i.e., the seventh part of the world population.

Indeed, now English is everywhere. Professional translation from English is in demand in the era of globalization. Like many other translation companies, iText Translation Agency provides translation services into English and from English into Russian and Kazakh. Translation from English into Russian. This service is in high demand. Often, a qualitative translation is required.

A large number of materials in various fields are written in English. Almost every person or company faced the need to translate from English into Russian, be it translation of documents for visa processing, or translation of documentation of various subjects.

We specialize in written translations from English in the following areas: Industry (including various manuals, instructions, drawings) Finance (including audit reports, annual reports, contracts, tax documents) Jurisprudence (contracts, agreements, as well as materials that are required for criminal or civil proceedings) Translation of personal papers with notarization. To work on the project, we involve only professional translators with substantial experience and specific knowledge and skills in various fields.

Translation from Russian into English

Translation from Russian into English is required very often. For example, you are going to visit an English-speaking country. In this case, to apply for a visa, you need a translation from Russian into English and, as a rule, with a subsequent notarization.

Alternatively, you are doing business with foreign partners, and not necessarily from the US or the UK. In this case, first of all, it is necessary to establish a mutual understanding of successful and fruitful cooperation. It is impossible if you do not use the same language, which in most cases in English. We will help you in establishing strong ties and creating fruitful cooperation with your foreign partners.

Translation from English into Kazakh

Recently, we have a large number of orders for such translations. It is not surprising, since the Kazakh language is being developed, and Kazakhstan is becoming recognizable on the international market. If you are an investor in our economy or take part in a tender in Kazakhstan, then you need a translation from English into Kazakh. We cooperate with professional translators, and we will render you a translation service from English into Kazakh with pleasure.

Modern trends in the field of translation

Many translation companies are using computer-aided translation systems (SDL Trados, MemoQ, SmartCAT, etc.) for a long time in their work. Such systems allow achieving the high quality of translations with full observance of terminology, shortening the time for translation, and performing a more substantial amount of work in a short time. Our translation agency follows this trend. We continuously monitor the development of the translation market and directions in the translation industry and apply the latest achievements in our work.


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