Project name:

Translation of training programs for the international educational organization TECEDU from English into Russian.

Project description:

iText Translation Agency has translated training programs for the TECEDU international educational organization from English into Russian with a total volume of more than 1,000 pages. TECEDU is a leader in technical education and provides training courses using 3D visualization tools.

Project status: completed.

Project deadlines: April - December 2019

Software used for project implementation:

- Microsoft Office 365 (licensed)

- SmartCAT (open license)

Отзыв о проекте

The peculiarities of working with our documents are compliance with a highly specialized terminological base, the implementation of a strict confidentiality agreement and the speed of performing large volumes of translation in urgent mode. iText Translation Agency successfully copes with all these tasks

Aliya Junussova
Leading HR Specialist

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