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DTP services

The translation is not only the work on the text of the document but also the preservation of its appearance to facilitate its understanding and to enable comparison with the original.

The desktop publishing services are not required in every case; it all depends on your order requirements.

How do we build the project work process?

Stage 1.

We analyze the source documents thoroughly. Probably, it will be possible to preserve the initial view of the text using various software.

For example, you've emailed us a pdf document. If this is not just a set of scanned pages, but an editable text, then its layout is much simpler and less time-consuming. Otherwise, we will need more time to bring the translation in line with the original document.

Stage 2.

Suppose, having performed the works of the first stage, we concluded that the layout of the document is necessary. Now you want to calculate its value.

The price will be calculated individually in each case and will depend on the following factors:

  • the format in which the document is presented (jpeg, pdf, dwg)
  • is the layout of the whole document or only part of it necessary?
  • deadlines

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