Certified translation

The translated legal documents will have no legal force unless they are notarized.
Therefore, if such a need arises, you should contact our translation agency - we cooperate with many notaries, and you will never face a situation where you cannot certify our translations.
This service is in-demand because while making various transactions, a lot of questions and deals arise concerning the documents, which should be executed in the official language of the country in which the agreement is made.
The notarial certification of the translated documents may be required when traveling outside the country to have a rest, study, or work. When changing the permanent residence place, it is necessary to translate all the documents you have. We translate from many languages of the world into Kazakh and Russian languages.
If you need a certified translation, send the scanned documents (not a photo by WhatsApp) by e-mail. In this case, the notary can only certify the authenticity of the translator's signature. You can pick up a certified document at our office, or we will send it to you by courier mail to the address you've specified.
It is also necessary to remember that if you are going to order a certified translation of a document issued in another country, then such a document should be apostilled or legalized.
The cost ofcertified translation includes the cost of the translation and the cost of notary services. To calculate the order, please contact us.


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You will never face a situation where you cannot certify our translations.

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