Translation of instructions

One of the primary services provided by the iText Translation Agency is the technical translation of various instructions that are required in the manufacturing sector.

We not only engage qualified translators during the work but also use the help of a specialist in the field, always keep in touch with the customer to clarify the terminology. Even at the stage of placing an order, we offer to compile a glossary, which in the future we will necessarily agree with the customer, while the CAT tools we use help to adhere to the approved terminology glossary throughout the project.

We can offer the customer the following types of translation design:

1. No layout

You will receive only translated text.

This option is right for you if you will create the document by yourself, you only need the text, or you need translation as soon as possible.

Simple layout (included in the price of translation)

We will draw the translation in Microsoft Word 365, while the translated document may differ from the main one as follows:

  • the inscriptions in the pictures may be located next to the text in the source language
  • simplified header design
  • some images may be missed, and the compact arrangement of the document may be lost.

2. Advanced layout

In this case, the translation differs from the original text only. All fonts, colors, graphic elements are fully preserved. The cost of such work is calculated individually in each specific case and depends on the quality of the original document, the complexity of its formatting, and the project deadlines.

Please leave a request for translation of instructions, specify the requirements for its design. We will respond as quickly as possible and take into account all your wishes.


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Painstaking work on the translation of instructions involving industry-specific experts in relevant fields as editors.

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