Urgent translation

Urgent translation is the most requested service of the iText Translation Agency. The need for urgent translation arises for many reasons, and we, in turn, can ensure compliance with even the shortest deadlines.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose one of three services:

25 minutes.

This type of translation is popular when it is necessary to translate non-volume documents of general subjects or template documents, for example, powers of attorney, passports, various certificates, etc. After receiving the order, the free translator gets the document for translation. After the translation has been done, editors or proofreaders work on the text of the material.

One hour

You can choose this service when you need to translate more complex documents, such as summaries, specifications, presentations, letters, research papers, complaints, court orders, contracts.

One day

This type of translation is more complex and, as a rule, is used when working with large documents or specialized documents, in particular, texts in the field of engineering, oil and gas, medicine, jurisprudence. In this case, we use an integrated approach to execute the order. With the help of CAT tools used, we can bring several translators and editors to work without dividing the document into parts and not sending them separately to each actor. Thus, we not only minimize poor quality work, but we can complete the order quickly, following customer requirements.


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